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At Chapel End Junior Academy our motto represents our aspirations for all members of our school community.


We aim to be an outstanding academy, continually striving for excellence, so that every child aspires to achieve their full potential.


Our life values-based academy promotes curiosity and creativity though an inspiring and engaging curriculum, where learning is at the heart of everything we do. Our children learn how to be resilient and self-confident in a safe and nurturing environment. Every child is encouraged and challenged to achieve in preparation for their role as an active and caring citizen in modern multi-cultural Britain and the world.

Life Values

The key drivers that underpin our ethos and values are our ‘8 Life Values’.  We have weekly assemblies and lessons about our Life Values and parents are asked, through the newsletter, to talk with their children about them at home.  We do poster competitions, award postcards and bookmarks and are committed to ensuring that all members of our school community are role models for our children.

Chapel End Junior Academy Life Values card