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Our school values underpin all of the PSHE/RSHE teaching and learning. We aim to embed our values through the teaching of responsibility, respect, equal opportunities and understanding.

The aim of our curriculum is to ensure our children learn to:

Take Responsibility for themselves as a British citizen, a local citizen and a Langdale ambassador. Promoting and developing personal safety, healthy relationships, well-being, interests and confidence, within a secure, nurturing environment.

Have Respect for their themselves and others, exploring alternative viewpoints whilst understanding cultural and physical diversity.

Embrace Equal Opportunities available to them and understand it is for all people, regardless of race, gender, sexual preference, disability, religious beliefs.

Have Understanding of how all of these elements lead to a well-rounded child, who makes good decisions; is actively contributing to the community they serve; develops their own character and has a clear understanding of the pathway their life is taking whilst appreciating and respecting the life choices of others.


Being me in my world 

In year 3 children will learn about:

Setting personal goals

Self-identity and worth

Positivity in challenges Rules, rights and responsibilities

Rewards and consequences

Responsible choices

Seeing things from others’ Perspectives

In year 4 children will learn about:

Being part of a class team

Being a school citizen Rights, responsibilities and democracy (school council)

Rewards and consequences

Group decision-making Having a voice

What motivates behaviour

In year 5 children will learn about:

Planning the forthcoming year

Being a citizen

Rights and responsibilities

Rewards and consequences

How behaviour affects groups Democracy, having a voice,


In year 6 children will learn about:

Identifying goals for the year

Global citizenship

Children’s universal rights

Feeling welcome and valued

Choices, consequences and rewards

Group dynamics

Democracy, having a voice

Anti-social behaviour



Celebrating Differences 

In year 3 children will learn about:

Families and their differences Family conflict and how to manage it (child-centred)

Witnessing bullying and how to solve it

Recognising how words can be hurtful

Giving and receiving Compliments

In year 4 children will learn about:

Challenging assumptions

Judging by appearance Accepting self and others

Understanding influences

Understanding bullying


Identifying how special and unique everyone is

First impressions

 In year 5 children will learn about:

Cultural differences and how they can cause conflict Racism

Rumours and name-calling Types of bullying Material wealth and happiness

Enjoying and respecting other cultures

In year 6 children will learn about:

Perceptions of normality Understanding disability

Power struggles Understanding bullying Inclusion/exclusion Differences as conflict, difference as celebration Empathy

Dreams and goals 

In year 3 children will learn about:

Difficult challenges and achieving success

Dreams and ambitions New challenges Motivation and enthusiasm Recognising and trying to overcome obstacles

Evaluating learning processes Managing feelings

Simple budgeting

 In year 4 children will learn about:

Hopes and dreams

Overcoming disappointment Creating new, realistic dreams Achieving goals

Working in a group Celebrating contributions Resilience

Positive attitudes

In year 5 children will learn about:

Future dreams

The importance of money Jobs and careers

Dream job and how to get there Goals in different cultures Supporting others (charity) Motivation

In year 6 children will learn about:

Personal learning goals, in and out of school

Success criteria Emotions in success

Making a difference in the world Motivation

Recognising achievements Compliments

Healthy Me

In year 3 children will learn about:


Fitness challenges

Food labelling and healthy swaps Attitudes towards drugs Keeping safe and why it’s important online and off line scenarios

Respect for myself and others Healthy and safe choices 

In year 4 children will learn about:

Healthier friendships

Group dynamics Smoking Alcohol Assertiveness Peer pressure

Celebrating inner strength

In year 5 children will learn about:

Smoking, including vaping


Alcohol and anti-social behaviour Emergency aid

Body image Relationships with food Healthy choices

Motivation and behaviour

In year 6 children will learn about:

Taking personal responsibility

How substances affect the body Exploitation, including ‘county lines’ and gang culture

Emotional and mental health Managing stress


In year 3 children will learn about:

Family roles and responsibilities

Friendship and negotiation

Keeping safe online and who to go to for help

Being a global citizen

Being aware of how my choices affect others

Awareness of how other children have different lives

Expressing appreciation for family and friends

 In year 4 children will learn about:


Love and loss

Memories of loved ones Getting on and Falling Out Girlfriends and boyfriends

Showing appreciation to people and Animals

In year 5 children will learn about:

Self-recognition and self-worth Building self-esteem

Safer online communities

Rights and responsibilities online Online gaming and gambling Reducing screen time

Dangers of online grooming SMARRT internet safety rules

In year 6 children will learn

about: Mental health

Identifying mental health worries and sources of support

Love and loss Managing feelings Power and control Assertiveness Technology safety

Take responsibility with technology use

Changing me

In year 3 children will learn about:

How babies grow

Understanding a baby’s needs

Outside body changes Inside body changes Family stereotypes Challenging my ideas Preparing for transition

 In year 4 children will learn about:

Being unique

Having a baby Girls and puberty

Confidence in change

Accepting change Preparing for transition

Environmental change

In year 5 children will learn about:

Self- and body image

Influence of online and media on body image

Puberty for girls Puberty for boys

Conception (including IVF) Growing responsibility Coping with change Preparing for transition

In year 6 children will learn about:


Body image

Puberty and feelings Conception to birth Reflections about change Physical attraction Respect and consent Boyfriends/girlfriends Sexting



Our children will be able to articulate how British Values is important to them and the society we live in.

They will be happy and Healthy, Safe and Secure, Independent and Resilient, Inspired to Achieve.

They will have the skills to keep themselves safe online.

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