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School Uniform


Our School Uniform Policy

The Governors, staff and pupils of Chapel End Junior Academy believe that a school uniform helps to promote a good working environment and a positive attitude to learning.

The uniform items fulfil the criteria of clothing that is smart, affordable, practical and purposeful for an effective learning and teaching setting in a safe and healthy school.

We understand that the current cost of living is high and therefore whilst we ask that children wear the correct colour uniform to school we do not expect all items to have the school logo i.e. a plain white polo shirt and plain green jumper is acceptable. Regarding shoes, we appreciate that some parents may not have the means to purchase both school shoes and trainers for PE. In this situation we will accept plain black trainers. The trainers should have a dark sole not a white sole to appear more like school shoes. 

Separate requirements are detailed for PE and also make up the School's Uniform Policy.

Governors accept their responsibilities under Sex Discrimination Act 1975, Human Rights Act 1998, and Disability Discrimination Act 1995 and appreciate that the school uniform should not discriminate on grounds of race, religion, sex and culture.

Policy Aims

Through our uniform and dress code we aim to:

  • Encourage pride in the school
  • Support teaching and learning
  • Enable pupils to be comfortable, safe and secure
  • Encourage a sense of equality and belonging to the school community
  • Protect pupils from social pressures to dress in a particular way
  • Support parents to provide an efficient and value for money dress code for their children
  • Ensure that pupils from different social, religious and ethnic groups feel welcome.
  • Every student is expected to arrive in school in a smart and presentable manner wearing the correct school uniform and ready to learn and participate in school life.

School Uniform Items

These items can be purchased through our school uniform supplier.

Outdoor Wear

  • Coat/fleece. A suitable plain, dark coloured coat or school fleece may be worn as outerwear to and from school. There should be no logos, other than the schools on this clothing.
  • Grey Chapel End Fleeces, may be worn to and from school and during break but not in lessons.
  • Jade Green Chapel End Baseball caps, may be worn in summer to and from school and during break but not in lessons. No other baseball caps may be worn.
  • Chapel End Grey Beanie Hats, may be worn during winter to and from school and during breaks but not in lessons.
  • Scarves: Optional, outdoor wear only. No football scarves or scarves with large logos.

Main Items

  • Skirt or Pinafore dress: Plain dark grey classic style skirt that is either straight or pleated. Skirts should not be tight. The hem of the skirt should be no more than 3cm above the knee.
  • Trousers: Plain, dark grey classic style trousers: These should be straight legged and not "jogger", "legging", "bootleg", "drainpipe" or "jeans" style nor should they be "low rise". There should be no large belts or buckles. Trousers should not be made out of a denim fabric or leather.
  • Polo Shirts: White or Jade Green with the School Logo. Any white polo shirt may be worn. Alternatively, a Jade Green polo shirt with the School Logo may be worn if purchased via the school uniform supplier. Polo Shirts must be tucked into the waistband when worn under a sweatshirt or School Cardigan so that it is not visible below it.
  • Sweatshirts/Sweat Cardigans: Sweatshirts & Sweat Cardigans in “Chapel End Jade Green” with embroidered school crest. (Only available through our School Uniform Supplier).
  • Shoes: Plain Black shoes or trainers of sensible design with low heels. No logos. No boots, flip flops, open toed, stilettos or platform shoes.
  • Shoes should protect and support feet to comply with the school's Health & Safety Regulations. In extreme weather conditions, boots may be worn to and from school and at break times but must not be worn inside school.
  • Tights & Socks: Tights. Plain black or grey. Socks plain black or grey. (Girls are also permitted to wear plain white socks.)
  • Hats and Head Covering: No hats to be worn in school. The wearing of a head scarf or hijab, for religious reasons, is permitted in either: white, grey or jade green. Garments covering the face or whole body, for example the abaya and niqab are not permitted.
  • Jewellery: One small discreet stud may be worn in each ear. A wristwatch may be worn but no bracelets. Jewellery must be removed or earrings taped (by parents) for PE.
  • Hair/Hair ornaments: Hair should be smart. (No Mohicans, shaved logos, etc). Plain hairbands may be worn but only in grey, white, green or black. Hair should not be dyed unless agreed by the Headteacher.
  • Make up & Nails: Make up or Nail varnish should not be worn in any circumstances.

PE Kit

  • White round neck t-shirt
  • Black sport shorts
  • Black or White Plimsolls/black trainers
  • Green Chapel End PE Bag
  • Optional: In winter plain black joggers may be worn for outdoor PE along with a Jade Green Chapel End School Jumper

All items listed in our PE kit are available with the embroidered school logo from the school uniform supplier. PE Kits must be in School every day and stored in a labelled Chapel End Green PE Bag

Other Items

In addition to the items above every child is expected to bring the following items to school each day:

  • Water bottle
  • School book bag

Enforcement of the Policy

  • It is the responsibility of the Head teacher and staff to monitor and enforce the uniform as part of the day to day running of the school. Parents have the responsibility to ensure that their child comes to school in the clean and correct uniform.
  • In the first instance, the class teacher should deal with any minor breach of the uniform policy. A message could be sent home via the home school diary.
  • If correct uniform is not worn repeatedly, the student will be referred to a member of the leadership team and a letter will be sent to parents/ guardians. Parents may be asked to bring the correct uniform to the school or, if necessary, send the student home to change.
  • In the case of jewellery and other accessories which infringe the policy, a member of staff may ask the student to remove the item. It will be taken to the General Office and may be collected by parents at the end of the school day.
  • The Head teacher is the final arbiter in all matters of uniform and dress.

Issues arising from the Policy

Parents should raise any issues relating to school uniform, dress code or other aspects of appearance with the Headteacher. Requests to vary the uniform requirements for particular reasons such as medical needs, will always be considered carefully. Pupils may raise issues with their teacher. They may also request that uniform matters be put on the agenda of School Council.

Review of the Policy

The uniform policy will be reviewed annually.

Stockists of all uniform items

You can purchase our school uniform via the following stockists:

  • SPEEDSTITCH LIMITED,Unit 32,Walthamstow Business Centre,Clifford Road,Walthamstow,London, E17 4SX or online at:
  • Fashion Fair – Address: 184-186 High Street, Walthamstow, London, E17 7JH. Telephone: 020 8503 7048.