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The School Curriculum and Structure

School Structure

The school is organised into four Year Groups. Each group is led by a senior member of the teaching staff who acts as the ‘Year Group Leader’. The Year Group Leaders are also members of the Senior Management Team.  All year group teams meet together weekly to discuss children’s progress and to plan the learning in maths, literacy and all other areas of the curriculum. At Chapel End Junior Academy, we focus on the ability of our pupils rather than their age to ensure that whatever stage of learning a child is at, they will receive learning experiences that meet their needs whilst also providing challenge. This reflects our commitment to equal opportunities for all children.

The School Curriculum

Our school curriculum is based upon the National Curriculum.  The National Curriculum applies to pupils of compulsory school age in all community schools and is organised into four Key Stages

Key Stage 1: Ages 5-7 (Years 1-2)
Key Stage 2: Ages 7-11 (Years 3-6)
Key Stage 3: Ages 11-14 (Years 7-9)
Key Stage 4: Ages 14-16 (Years 10-11)

At Key Stage 2, the statutory subjects that all pupils must study are Art and Design, Computing, Design and Technology, English, Geography, History, Languages, Mathematics, Music, Physical Education and Science. Religious Education must also be provided at Key Stage 2.

The structure of the National Curriculum

For every subject and for each key stage, revised programmes of study support staff in ensuring that pupils learn the skills needed within each curriculum area. Attainment targets are used to ensure that staff are clear about the expected standard of pupil performance in each subject. It is for schools to choose how they organise their curriculum.
(Taken from the National Curriculum 2014)

Our Approach to Reading

We have multiple approaches to teaching reading at Chapel End Junior Academy.  ‘Shared reading’ plays an important role in our daily English lessons: teachers model the process of reading to children, questioning and probing their understanding of what is being read.  Here, teachers guide pupils through the reading of high quality texts.  Through discussion, questioning and comprehension exercises, they build their reading skills. Additionally, Teachers hear pupils read individually, taking ‘reading records’ where needed, to ensure that the correct texts are being used and that the correct stage of learning is being addressed for all our children.   Finally, when we feel that a child needs an extra ‘boost’ to achieve age-related expectations, we use additional one-to-one and small group teaching, ensuring that no child gets left behind.

For our children that still require structured phonics teaching, we employ a synthetic phonics approach, teaching these pupils every day.  Our phonics lessons are based on the ‘Letters and Sounds’ phonics document.

How Chapel End Junior Academy organises the Curriculum

The school are using ‘Cornerstones’ to teach foundation subjects . It is broad and balanced knowledge and skills-based curriculum.

At Chapel End Junior Academy, the children learn a Modern Foreign Language with Spanish being our school language. A specialist teacher supports staff so they can confidently reinforce the language taught throughout the week. We also commit to weekly lessons in Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE)including discussion around our Life Values and Philosophy.

Children take part in philosophical enquiries as there is good evidence that this experience helps them to develop reasoning skills. Being able to apply the mind to thinking through issues transforms children’s lives as they learn how to develop and flourish in the world in which they live. Many primary schools have discovered that adding philosophy to the curriculum enhances the learning of all children.

We are committed to ensuring that our pupils have opportunities to learn outside the classroom on a regular basis. Look out for information in the team newsletters about forthcoming educational visits.

If you have any questions about the curriculum please do not hesitate to speak with any member of the teaching staff. Please also have a look at the ‘Year Group Newsletters’ to find out what your child will be learning this term.

We look forward to an exciting year together as the Chapel End Junior Academy Learning Community.

Please navigate to each Year Group page from the curriculum tab to see what learning will be taking place in your Year Group.